Professional PLATINUM Cooking System

The PLATINUM Magnetic Induction Range

The magnetic induction range is the stove of the future. Hospitals and Crusie ships use as well as some casinos use induction cooktops.

The benefits are there is no carbon monoxide fumes and no yellowing of the cabinets from gas.

The unit works by creating two magnetic currents the pan has a T-430 Ferris plate that links into the cooktop. So the unit moves the molecules in the base plate against itself. It is a friction cooker. It heats the same way that if your hands are cold and you rub them together they make heat. Simple and up to 86% efficient! The unit does not raise your energy bills when it is hot outside. I often demonstrate with a business card under the pan while cooking! It cooks from the pan down not the stove up!

Induction range top view

Auto detect

Auto shut off

Space age resilient tile


Easy to use


Fast heat up

Indunction range with pot 

One Year Warranty

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