Messerstahl Aurora. The Wait is Over.

6-Piece Cutlery Set

Five-knife set

Admit it. Although we buy most things to please ourselves, we secretly want to hear those five beautiful words ... where did you get that? Wait no longer. Our new six piece set features the stunning Aurora cutlery stand, designed exclusively for Messerstahl by Spanish architect Rafael Canerato perfect store and compliment our five most popular knives. Bread knife, Chefs knife, carving knife, boning knife, paring knife... it's all there just waiting to be the centerpiece of the world's most attractive kitchen. Yours. So, where did you get that? As usual, it's only available from the person whose sophistication and taste is almost the equal of your own, your authorized Messentahl distributor.

MESSERSTAHL New World Design. Old World Craftsmanship.

For Sales call: (760) 505-7057, or Email us at:

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