Quality Construction

It's in the construction. Platinum Professional CookwareTM comes with years of engineering incorporated in this outstanding quality cookware.

Stack heating/combination cooking provides a cleaner, cooler, more energy efficient cooking environment.

Temperature Gauge Knob
  1. Platinum Professional CookwareTM offers one of the thickest bottoms on the market. The Multi-Ply has 5 different layers in the massive capsulated bottom and is formed with 1,200 tons of pressure to form a lasting permanent bond. This heavy duty heat conducting system will pick up even the lowest amount of heat and has fast, even conduction. These qualities guarantee superior heat distribution, energy efficiency, with no hot spots. The Multi-Ply bottom has excellent anti-warp properties, and will work on all the new flat top ranges, gas or electric.

  2. Non-Reactive T-304s Stainless Steel. No chance of aluminum oxide exposure or accumulation. The T-304s with Titanium Stainless Steel has an extremely hard finish and is non-porous, will not store heat resistant bacteria, and there is no risk of aluminum oxide exposure.

  3. Energy Efficient. The cookware has 5 ply construction and has not one but three massive heat cores. The thick Thermic base gives superior anti-warp strength, and fast even heat distribution. There is no need to use high heat, start on medium and then turn to low. Due to this Special design, no oil is needed when cooking most meats. When the meat carmelizes (the golden brown ring form around chicken) you will be able to "break loose" and turn the meat. This is called Automatic Release.

  4. Minimum Moisture (Waterless) Cooking. Undisputed in retaining phytochemicals (natural vitamins and minerals). This is achieved by forcing the vegetable to use its own moisture.

  5. Oven-Safe Handles. (Up to 350 degrees F. preheated) gracefully fashioned from durable phenolic. If any handle replacement is ever needed, there is no charge.

  6. Stack Heating. You can heat a whole meal on one burner. This saves time and money.

  7. Temperature Gauge Knob is a built in thermal indicator that lets you know when to increase or decrease the temperature. It will let you know at a glance when you have reached the proper cooking temperature.

  8. Versatile. Platinum Professional CookwareTM makes 30 different combinations. One matched set lasts a lifetime!

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