The 12 Piece System includes:

2 quart and cover
4 quart and cover
11" fryer and cover
Small combination bowl (oven cover for 4 quart or stack heating with adapter ring on 11" fryer)
Hermetic seal for food storage
Adapter ring for 11" fryer used with 4 quart lid, used for splatter shield or defrosting frozen foods.
Lifting tool for grader when used in stack heating in the 4 quart.
Suction knob is used for taking off the small combination bowl when used for the dome cover in the oven or stack cooking.


This set has been a great seller for RVs and when you add the jumbo fryer or grill pan it has capacity and versatility.

Wonderful set to be used with the portable induction cooktop (cold stove).

Buy direct at a substantial savings! Contact us for information.

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